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RH Doors & Shutters Ltd ‚Äč 

     Big Enough to cope Small enough to care!

Door automation and roller shutter specialists. 

Photo Gallery

Roller Shutters fitted by us. Roller Shutters fitted by us. Grey roller shutter. Powder coated remote control roller shutter. Fitted by us in Manchester. One of three fitted on site. All doors controlled by single remote fob for ease of use by building occupant. 185384642 Galvanised shutter. Electric remote shutter fitted on industrial unit in South Yorkshire. 185384646 Plastisol white shutter. White plastic coated finish for less "industrial" appearance but while still offering superior strength to aluminium shutter. Fitted to customers garage in Bradford. 185384649 Galvanised shutter. Fitted for customer on newly built garage / workshop in Keighley. 185384650 Galavanised remote shutter. Fitted to industrial unit in Dewsbury. 185384651 Galvanised lath. 185384652 Electric remote shutters. Powdercoated blue with fascia panels to match. Fitted to customer's garages in Oldham. 185384653 185384654 Shutter on new shop 185628537 Large roller shutter 185628538 Remote control shutter. Blue plastic coated (plastisol) roller shutter with matching blue top fascia. 185629506 Shutter used as carport door 186632151 White plastisol curtain. 188421788 Happy customer ! Roller shutter powdercoated in brown, fitted at short notice in London. 188421789 Shutter survey diagram 188421790 Large galvanised shutter. 191619013 Remote shutter over shop doorway. 191619014 SWS insulated shutter on garage. 193986626 Top of the range SWS laminate wood effect finish to roller door. 193986627 Steel door in white, heavy duty lath = strong door! 193986628 Newly fitted industrial insulated door in Wakefield. 193986629 Tube and link style shutter over bar. 193986630 Insulated blue powder coated shutter. Using "Guthrie Douglas" motor and control panel, high quality and proven. 193986631 And this is why we only advise SWS for domestic doors. Top- is a run of the mill eBay type shutter lath. Below- an SWS seceuroglide lath, the difference in thickness is easy to see! 194048405 Powdercoated roller shutters fitted during summer holidays at school. 194848074 We also supplied and fitted some cover plates to the wall reveals that hide the cut edges of the brickwork. 194848075 Grey powder coated industrial roller shutters with 3 phase (415v) motors. 194848401 White coated roller shutters on portable building. 194848402 197260415 197260416 197260417 199036552 199036553 199036554 199036555 205269161 205269162 205269163 205269164